MALACCA, June 25, 2015:

The recruitment of Bangladeshi workers, from one-stop centres, will be conducted online by employers once Malaysia signs a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Bangladesh next month.

The MoU, which will be signed on July 18, to recruit 1.5 million Bangladeshi workers to Malaysia in the span of three-years.

“It is timely to change the labour supply pattern where the recruitment of the workers are done online to prevent mistreatment,” Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said to reporters here today.

With an increasing demand for foreign labourers by Malaysian employers, he said Bangladesh — which supplies 18,000 of its people to Malaysia each year via a government to government labour supply system — will see 500,000 of her workers coming in annually when the MoU is signed.

This comes after Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina agreed on the matter after the country’s Expatriate Welfare Minister Khandker Mosharraf Hossain came down Kuala Lumpur with a seven-strong delegation on Tuesday to discuss the matter.

However, the country had also set four conditions which includes providing insurance protection, centralised accommodation facilities, salaries sent via e-wallet and safety protection and accommodation assured to Bangladeshi workers.

“We want them (the workers) to go through basic training either in 71 training centres or 82 district training centres in return.”

The workers will be employed in farming, construction and service sectors.

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