KUALA LUMPUR, June 24, 2015:

A video of a scuffle between a middle-aged woman and a female security guard at a condominium complex in Kajang has gone viral across social media.

After barely six hours of being posted on the Wartawan Jalanan Facebook page, the video titled “Pergaduhan Aunty vs Security Guard” (Aunty vs Security Guard scuffle) had already listed 1,900 views, 64 likes and 36 shares .

The three-minute video clip showed a middle-aged woman and another female security guard having a heated argument with each other.

According to the Facebook posting, the argument rose after the middle-aged woman, who was believed to have parked her car at the no-parking area, ran over a safety cone placed at the area.

Following verbal jousting and shouting, the argument reached its tipping point when the woman tried to hit the security guard out of anger, but missed.

The guard then retaliated with a sharp slap to the woman’s face.

“Apa you mau? You mau apa? Jaga sikit mulut you! (What do you want? What do you want? Watch your mouth!),” yelled the guard in the video.

Furious, the woman then tried to charge at the guard but was stopped by a man believed to be her husband while another man who was close by also stepped in to ease the situation.

The video gained numerous comments from social media users, with most saying how rude the woman’s actions were and how the situation could have been resolved calmly.

One Facebook user, Fitri Junid Jr, commented: “She deserved the slap. She was being so rude.”

While another Facebook user, Kassim Yen, opined that the security guard had done the right thing by slapping the woman involved.


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