SINGAPORE, June 23, 2015:

Singapore Facebook user Queenie Here recently shot footage of a woman employee at a kopitiam food court at a hospital branch nonchalantly washing her rubber shoes — in the stall’s food preparation sink.

The stall sells desserts.

Not just that, the employee was using a brush normally used to wash utensils used by customers. After washing her shoes, she put back the brush into its holder.

It is obvious from the video that like many under-educated and underpaid staff working in such eateries, she did not understand the need to maintain proper hygiene or how to safeguard the health of customers.

As usual, when something like this becomes viral on social media, someone’s head has to roll. In this case, the woman worker was sacked immediately.

Of course, netizens have had a field day posting their comments since the video appeared online on Sunday, saying the woman should not have been sacked but educated.

The person who took the video has also not been spared. Netizens are asking why she did not give the worker her two sen worth when she spotted the offence. There is no pleasing everyone!

How many times have Malaysian eateries escaped scrutiny although food is prepared near toilets, rats and cockroaches live happily among the rubbish, tongs are not used to pick up food and employees don’t wash their hands after cleaning the tables with a dirty rag?

It is time to take out your smartphones and catch them in action like Queenie Here has done to create greater awareness among service providers.


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