MUAR, June 14, 2015:

A female patient who allegedly fled from the Miri Hospital last Friday, has been confirmed as not suffering from the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus (MERS-CoV).

Confirming the matter, Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam said the patient from Brunei was reported to have come to Miri and suffered an ordinary fever.

“I wish to inform that this is not a MERS-CoV case and she’s not a suspect.

“Those who linked her to the disease did so only because she returned from performing the Umrah (minor haj), and she had a cough and fever,” he told reporters at Kolej Kemahiran Tinggi Mara in Ledang here today.

He said this when commenting on news reports about a patient who fled from the Miri Hospital and was suspected of having MERS-CoV.

However, Dr Subramaniam said he had instructed the Miri Health Department to review the patient’s health records to make sure the woman was truly free of the sickness.

When asked whether the patient had really fled from the hospital, he said the matter would be referred to the hospital for confirmation.

Although the number of MERS-CoV cases in South Korea has seen a decrease, Dr Subramaniam advised that any visits to the country be still temporarily suspended.

He said screenings were still being conducted at all entry points into the country to prevent the disease from entering the country.

“If there are those found to have a fever, they will immediately be quarantined for further examination,” said Dr Subramaniam, who is also Segamat Member of Parliament.

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