A 60-YEAR-OLD blind man recently married a wheelchair-bound woman who is four decades older, proving that love is powerful and unites anyone.

www.express.co.uk reported that wheelchair-bound Marfa Plotnikova, age 100, accepted Afanasii Harin’s romantic proposal as he serenaded his future wife with an accordion.

It all started when Plotnikova was moved into the nursing home in Perm, a city in central Russia, after she outlived her previous husband and their two children.

Inside the home, she met her blind future hubby Harin who had spent his entire life in the home after being abandoned at birth.

The couple spent 11 years together before finally deciding to tie the knot.

They wed in October, with residents and staff from the home in attendance.

“I know a lot of people will think this is strange, but I don’t care. Love is one of the most important things and I wanted to show the ultimate expression of that by taking Marfa for my wife,” said Harin.

“I have never seen her, but I can touch her face and for me she is beautiful.

“They say love is blind, and I guess we are living proof of that.”

Among those who fete the happy couple is nurse Xenia Voronova, 44, who works at the home.

She said: “When they first met you could tell they had a special bond.

“Marfa is a lot older than him, old enough to be his mother, so at first we assumed she was just being maternal towards him. But Harin has a wicked sense of humour and would make her howl with laughter and they would often take long walks together.

“When she became too frail to walk and needed a wheelchair, other staff members and I would push her around with Harin walking beside us with his stick and cracking one joke after another.

“In the evenings he entertains us with his accordion playing and we could see the relationship between them blossom and bloom into true love.”

“It was a beautiful day for a beautiful couple,” added Voronova.

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