Popular actress and television hostess Nur Fazura Sharifuddin came under fire from Netizens when her photograph with a German Shepard went viral.

Not wanting to be left out, the 31-year-old artiste’s hardcore fans came to her defence rebutting negative comments over social media, triggering an online debate.

An Astro Awani portal report stated that the beauty uploaded a photograph of her with the German Shepard named “Kuning”.

It was captured during a fundraising event for a private animal welfare charity dubbed “Furry Friends Farm”.

The photo that was uploaded in her Instagram account yesterday evening has since gone viral in several social media groups and received over 10,000 likes and 700 comments.

The photo was uploaded with a caption saying “Our superhero “Kuning” who love his friends and everyone he met. An example to many humans. Love more, hate less 🙂 #WeLoveKuning #FurryFriendsFarm”.

Unfortunately, her kind effort was seen in a different light when some netizens started to lambast her due to cultural taboos among the Malay community.

However, some of Fazura’s followers defended her by saying that it was better than seeing her touching another man who is a non-mahram(relative that a woman is not allowed to marry).

Defending her effort of raising awareness about animal welfare, some of her followers said dogs were not considered Haram(prohibited), instead were just consideredNajis(ritually unclean), unlike mingling among non-mahrams,who are considered haram.

Fazura is best known for her roles in the romcomPisau Cukur,horror comedyKami Histeriaand hit TV seriesGol & Gincu.

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