KUALA LUMPUR, May 30, 2015:

Sharing the love for poetry reciting created a bond between a mother and her two daughters; Haryani Haron, 41, Nur Rabiatun Adawiyah, 18 and Nur Fatin Hannani, 11, who decided to perform together on stage since last year.

Having years of experience through poetry reciting competitions since she was a teenager, Haryani said this was the reason her daughters followed her footstep.

“I discovered Fatin could recite poems a few years back and I was amazed with her voice. She has a big voice and she knows just how to control her voice which I had to learn for so many years on my own.

“As for Rabiatun, she had always loved the violin and I tried everything to make sure she gets to do what she loves most,” Haryani told The Rakyat Post.

The trio today took to the stage at the Dewan Bahasa Pustaka (DBP) Complex in Hulu Kelang, in conjunction with the 2015 DBP Books Festival. They recited Maaf Hamba Bertanya (Sorry For Asking), written by DBP director-general Datuk Dr Awang Sariyan.

The poignant recital presented by Haryani and Fatin kept the audience silent, added with Rabiatun’s precision and agility in playing the violin to the tune of the late Tan Sri P Ramlee’s Dimana Kan Ku Cari Ganti.

“Normally, I would choose the poems for us to recite because I believe that you can only amaze your audience by choosing the right poems as it can affect your performance.

“As for the music, we will find a tune that can put the audience in awe. Usually, we would go with P. Ramlee’s songs, but it is quite difficult because there are no chords available.”

According to Haryani, she also conducted a number of poetry recital workshops to teach school students the art of reciting a poem, where her girls would tag along.

“I want to share every knowledge I have with the children because whatever I have today was due to the experience I had.

“I failed and succeeded and I had to gain the experiences the hard way. It wasn’t an easy ride, but it was worth it and I’m glad my girls share the same passion as I do.”

During the event, which was officiated by Dr Awang, more than 200 book lovers streamed to the festival to get their hands on their favourite books.

In his speech, Dr Awang called on the youths to pick up the habit of reading as it could give more knowledge to them.

“I know in this 21st century, books are not in demand anymore as compared to before, but everyone must read, whether it’s books or on the Internet,” said Dr Awang.

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