Malaysians of Indian descent are called upon to take advantage of initiatives laid out in the 11th Malaysia Plan, especially those which cater to the lower and middle-income group.

“About one million homes will be built under the 1-Prima scheme. Those who still do not have houses and are in the lower-income bracket should apply for these houses,” MIC president Datuk Seri G. Palanivel said in a statement today.

He also thanked the Prime Minister who had announced that a special Blue Print for the community would be drawn up.

“We are in the midst of finalising the blueprint and it will be presented to the Prime Minister soon.”

Elaborating on sports, Palanivel went down memory lane reminding the community of its dominance in various disciplines, but this numbers had dwindled over the years.

He laid down the challenge urging sportsmen and women to take advantage of the emphasis placed on sports under 11MP.

Acknowledging youths have been in the limelight of late for the wrong reasons, including gangsterism and crimes, Palanivel reminded community leaders that youth involvement in sports and crime prevention programmes would enable them to contribute positively to nation development.

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