IT was one of last scripts written by the late filmmaker Yasmin Ahmad.

Close to You is a story of a chicken farmer’s son who looks back at how his father would patiently wait for the Maybank mobile banking bus to arrive at his village so that he could get his financial transactions in order.

The two-and-a-half-minute video then goes on to show how mobile banking has become so technologically advanced as the boy goes overseas following the growth of the family business.

The YouTube video is produced and released by Maybank as part of its consumer-focused initiatives.

It was put together by the same team that used to work hand in hand with Yasmin in her previous films and ads.

The team, led by veteran film director Kamal Mustapha, took pride in reuniting one last time to complete the filming of the short video.

“Yasmin’s creations always had the ability to reach out and touch the hearts of people,” said Maybank group chief marketing officer Mohamed Adam Wee Abdullah.

“Banking has changed over the years, particularly mobile banking. However, it is not primarily driven by the need to use latest technologies or solutions but rather our commitment to meet customers’ needs.

“By putting people first, providing them a better way of life and preparing them for the future, we are humanising financial services through this video,” adds Mohamed Adam.

Maybank was the first local bank to computerise banking services in 1978 and the first to introduce ATMs in 1981. It also pioneered online banking in 2000.

Yasmin’s sister Datin Orked Ahmad, in sharing her thoughts on the video, said the working team was elated that Yasmin’s legacy continues through the production of this video.

“It was always her (Yasmin) wish that people remember her work rather than who she was,” says Orked.

The short video is accessible via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2SyRWk1YvY

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