SINGAPORE, May 7, 2015:

A website which wanted to ride on the popularity of the republic’s oldest newspaper, Straits Times, now faces the threat of legal action.

To avoid further legal confrontation with the newspaper giant, the website administrator has decided to change his site name from Straits Times Reviewto States Times Review (STR).

Site administrator Alex Tan said he registered Straits Times Review as a trademark in Australia and that the application was “A$120 only”.

STR was registered on April 18 and characterised itself as an “independent news site based in Australia”.

Tan, a blogger and former political candidate who co-founded controversial website The Real Singapore (TRS), is now based in Sydney, reports the Straits Times.

A systems engineer, he was formerly associated with Temasek Review.

The Real Singaporewas taken down on Sunday after the Media Development Authority (MDA) suspended the statutory class licence.

Two of its editors, Singaporean Yang Kaiheng, 26, and his Australian girlfriend Ai Takagi, 22, were charged with seven counts of sedition on April 15 for publishing articles that allegedly promoted ill will and hostility between different races or classes here.

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