ROMPIN, May 5, 2015:

After almost two weeks of campaigning day in and day out, PAS campaigners from all over the nation only asked to be given a chance to show the people of Rompin what they can do for the constituency.

The Rakyat Post, while covering the by-election today, talked to the campaigners and asked if they thought the party stood a chance at winning the contest for the parliamentary seat.

“Yes, we are confident. We have highlighted the issues that we know are plaguing the minds of the voters, such as Goods and Services Tax (GST), land ownership and FGVH (Felda Global Venture Holding’s investments).

“We definitely have Felda voters’ support as PAS candidate Nazri Ahmad is from Felda himself.

“We just hope that our efforts will not go to waste. A voice in Parliament is all we want,” said Suhaimi Hassan, 51.

Azizah Mohd Ali, 63, braved extreme heat, and later heavy rain, just to get the voters to vote for the party that she said would fight for the interests of Rompin constituents.

“We came all the way from Kuantan and have been here since nomination day to campaign along with Ustaz Nazri.

“We wouldn’t do this if we are not confident of his capability to lead and speak up for us in Parliament.

“All we’re asking for is just a chance to show the people what we can do. In Kuantan, we have been struggling with the cost of living that increases faster than our income.”

Faizura Mohd Alwi, 62, also asked for the same thing, saying that although PAS was alone in the fight for the seat that was left vacant following the death of its incumbent Tan Sri Jamaluddin Jarjis, the party’s supporters would continue fighting to make it known to the nation that PAS is no underdog.

“We have PAS supporters from Kelantan, from Terengganu, from other places in Pahang, all here to get one more Member of Parliament who understands our difficulties.

“Don’t all of them want the same thing? And if they do, why can’t they join us in a single fight against oppression?

“PKR and DAP may have abandoned us, but that will not break our spirit. One day, they too will join us.”

The result of the by-election would be announcedtonight.

The contest for the parliamentary seat was a straight one, seeing only BN candidate Datuk Hasan Arifin and PAS’ Nazri Ahmad fighting for the post of Rompin’s Member of Parliament.

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