PERMATANG PAUH, May 5, 2015:

A group of Selangor PKR members today expressed disappointment with the top leadership of PKR for opposing the implementation of hudud.

The group’s representative, Kamaruljas Abdullah, said PKR’s stand in objecting to hudud did not reflect the voice of some 500,000 grassroots of PKR.

He claimed the decision was made in a hurry, following the state assembly seating which tabled the motion on hudud last month.

“We were not given the chance to voice our opinion and that’s why we’re here today to show our objection towards PKR leaders in opposing hudud.”

He said this after leading a group of PKR members who turned up to protest the decision by PKR’s top leadership in Gerbang Tuna, Seberang Jaya, here.

Kamaruljas added that the decision was against the party’s constitution.

“Article 5.5 clearly states that the party’s stand in understanding Islamic laws and teachings. When they oppose hudud, it is akin to going against the principles.”

He urged the party’s leadership to review the decision.

He also slammed PKR Wanita’s stand in stating that hudud was not an important matter that needed addressing.

The stand, he said, showed that the voice of grassroots and leaders, a majority of whom were Muslims, were ignored.

“Wanita PKR also tries to push aside the worries of Permatang Pauh folks, 80% of whom are Muslims.”

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