WASHINGTON, April 28, 2015:

A survey shows Americans are expected to spend US$21.2 billion (RM75.5 billion) on Mother’s Day in a 12-year high, Xinhua news agency reported.

Americans will spend an average of US$172.63 on their mothers this year, up nearly US$10 from US$162.94 last year and the highest amount in 12 years, said the National Retail Federation (NRF) in its survey.

“We’re encouraged by the positive shift we’ve seen in spending on discretionary and gift items from consumers so far this year,” said NRF president and chief executive officer Matthew Shay.

“This bodes well for retailers across all spectrum who are planning to promote Mother’s Day specials, including home improvement, jewellery, apparel and other specialty retailers as well as restaurants,” Shay said.

Jewellery is expected to be the single largest spending at about US$4.3 billion, up from 31.7% last year followed by a special brunch or activity at US$3.8 billion, flowers at US$2.4 billion and clothing items at US$1.9 billion.

Greeting cards will be the most popular gifts as 80% consumers plan to pick up one for their mothers, while flowers will be the second which 67.2% consumers are expected to buy.

Department stores are anticipated to be the most favourable place for Americans to choose gifts, as 33.4% of consumers plan to shop there.

Fewer shoppers will be shopping online this year, down from 29% in 2014 to 25% this year because shoppers are more willing to leave their house after a long winter.

Mother’s Day is held annually on the second Sunday of May in the United States and falls on May 10 this year.

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