ROMPIN, April 26, 2015:

Besides the recent plunge in Felda Global Ventures Holdings Bhd’s (FGV) shares, other issues are also plaguing Felda settlers specifically in Rompin.

Speaking to The Rakyat Post, second generation Felda settler Zailan Yusof claimed settlers were currently faced with a string of woes especially the issue of affordable housing.

“In Keratong 4, there are some 400 families.

“To us second generation settlers, the houses are not enough.”

He alleged that affordable houses were given away to non-settlers and this he claimed had become a bane for them.

The 45-year-old teacher, who was born in Keratong 4, called for transparency on the part of FGV and the Pahang state government.

“There are cases where one non-settler gets about two to three houses. This in unfair,” he claimed.

Persatuan Anak Anak Felda Kebangsaan information chief Naraza Muda alleged that many first generation settlers were beleaguered with debts, some reaching up to RM150,000.

“The current value of their properties has not been disclosed but they have run up huge debts,” he said, speaking to a 1,000 strong crowd who turned up for the Islamic party’s ‘Selamatkan Felda 2.0’ (Save Felda 2.0) gathering yesterday in Keratong 4.

In Rompin, Naraza said Felda settlers were facing sosio-economic issues as well, leading the NGO to conduct regular dialogue sessions to bring awareness to residents here.

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