ROMPIN, April 25, 2015:Media members covering the Rompin by-election are bemoaning the awful Internet coverage (3G) in the district.

The intermittent mobile Internet issues along with WiFi issues have posed to be a huge challenge for media personnel who are covering the by-election in the 5,296sq km large district for two weeks.

“The 3G line here is terrible and I’m glad for the media centre in Kuala Rompin town,” National Film Development Corporation Malaysia’s (Finas) Zaharah Md Jafri said to The Rakyat Post.

Zaharah, who is putting up at a hotel here, said the Internet connectivity problems persists even in her hotel.

“The problem takes up time and we are constantly chasing after time to send our videos,” she said.

For NTV7’s Farah Wazer, the Internet connectivity issue has led her to travel back to the media centre every time after covering a news story.

“There was a time when we had to travel 50km all the way back from Keratong to Kuala Rompin to send our story.

“And sometimes, we decide to sleep in our cars at night at certain places.”

China Press’ Chow Siew Chin said the issue took up a lot of her battery life.

“For these sort of scenarios, a power bank comes in real handy!” she quipped when contacted today.

The Kuantan-based reporter said she and another colleague of hers usually share their phones’ hotspot to send their news stories.

“We also do a lot of walking to find the best location to get good Internet connection.”

As for The Rakyat Post, this story was written under a table of a seafood restaurant, where the Internet connection was the strongest.

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