KUALA LUMPUR, April 24, 2015:

Anger makes people do weird things.

This was apparent in a video that had gone viral, taking the Internet by storm, where a woman was seen taking off some of her clothes in the middle of a busy shopping area.

Believed to have happened in Petaling Street, the video surfaced yesterday and in certain YouTube accounts it had garnered more than 30,000 views.

While an online portal had earlier reported the woman in the video was a tourist, checks by The Rakyat Post found that the woman is believed to be a Malaysian.

In the video, she was seen getting angry at another lady, after which she began taking off her jacket and soon after her top.

Somewhere in the middle of the video, the woman took off her bra and flung at the other lady.

She was also heard uttering a sentence in Malay.

In a local chat forum, several netizens pointed out that the woman who decided to go topless in the middle of Petaling Street could have been a former Dewi Remaja participant.

The local equivalent of a beauty pageant and talent search competition, it is learned that the woman was a participant in 2005.

Later on she had also tried her luck in the TV3 contest, Pengacara Jemputan Nona.

Meanwhile, The Rakyat Post contacted the other person spotted in the video to find out what was the cause of the altercation.

According to the person, who is the daughter of a restaurant owner in the area, the topless woman had earlier ordered two bottles of beer but had not paid in full.

The restaurant owner’s daughter, who only wanted to be identified as Lee, said that they confronted the topless woman, asking her to pay her bill in full.

They had also produced a closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera recording which showed that the topless woman had not paid for her second beer bottle in full.

This then led to the topless woman getting angry and insisting that she had already paid for both bottles of beer in full.

Lee added that they chased after the woman and soon after, the woman began taking off her clothes.

After taking off her bra, she then fled the scene.

Lee also said that this was not the first time she has seen the woman around the area, adding that some other food stall owners in the area also alleged that she had also stiffed them on her bills previously.

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