KUALA LUMPUR April 19, 2015:

The statements issued by an Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia’s (Isma) writer in his column recently did not only demean female DAP members but also uztaz and uztazah in the country, says DAP Socialist Youth (Dapsy) executive member Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud.

In a statement today, the former Teluk Intan parliamentary candidate said many people were befuddled by the statement issued by author Mohd Firdaus Salleh Hudin in an article titled “DAP rekrut siswa Malaysia di Mesir dan Jordan” (DAP recruits Malaysian students in Egypt and Jordan).

Mohd Firdaus had deemed it shocking that a former Al-Azhar University student escorted the entourage of DAP leaders to Egypt and Jordan.

“Mohd Firdaus should not have to worry because the DAP leaders are legitimate Members of Parliament and not terrorists.

“It is normal for elected leaders to meet with students everywhere else around the world, regardless of party affiliation,” said Dyana in her statement..

Dyana also referred to another claim, in the same article, that “DAP now ‘owns’ Rara (DAP member Syefura Othman) and Dyana Sofya, of course.

“They (DAP) also want to ‘own’ Middle East uztaz and uztazah graduates who may issue opinions and fatwas that can mislead the public to succeed in the party’s evil agenda.”

“Isma not only disparages DAP women members, but also belittles the abilities of Middle East uztaz and uztazah graduates to think and judge for themselves, accusing them of being easily manipulated.”

Citing another Isma article dated April 18 titled “DAP di bumi Anbiya untuk merosakkan jati diri umat Islam” (DAP in Islamic land to destroy Muslim identity), Dyana said that it openly showed that Isma was slandering DAP.

“The article states that Isma’s Egypt chapter chairman expressed hope that students do not get entangled in DAP’s bait to the detriment of Malay Muslim identity, the cornerstone of the country’s future.

“Again, Isma continues to carry on in the same tone by saying how young people are easily ‘exploited’, ‘hypnotised’ and ‘baited.”

Such a statement, according to Dyana, only showed how arrogant Isma leaders were in demeaning youths, women and Malay Muslims.

“In Isma’s eyes, are women and youths including students in Egypt and Malay Muslims less intelligent, easily hypnotised and baited so that they cannot judge for themselves about what is good and bad?”

Dyana said while Dapsy respected Isma’s right to express its opinions, the party’s youth wing felt that Malay Muslims had had enough with Muslims being insulted in this way.

“As long as all Malaysians want to unite with respect and mutual understanding without suspicion against one another regardless of skin colour and religion, we will be united and strong.

“Malaysia does not require such parties that divide those who live in harmony.”

She added Dapsy hoped that Isma could respect the rights of others, especially young people, to listen, choose and make their own decisions without Isma slandering them and making unfounded accusations.

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