KUALA LUMPUR, April 18, 2015:Those applying as Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) officers need to undergo a polygraph test to ensure only individuals of integrity would be hired. This was disclosed by MACC Deputy Chief Datuk Mustafar Ali in a Youth Leadership Integrity seminar (KIMI) held at the Menara Integriti today. He said, the reason for the polygraph test was for the commission to ensure all applicants spoke honestly during interviews and to determine their backgrounds before they were allowed to join MACC. “For applicants who pass the test, they will be trained for six months in the country and another six months abroad. “After that, they will be absorbed by the intelligence division for two years before serving other departments. “This process is to ensure that all MACC officers are trustworthy in carrying out their duties.”

Mustafar added, if there were any MACC officers who were corrupted, they would be sacked immediately.

“I have fired several officers after I found out that they were not disciplined, including coming to work late.

“For not being disciplined, they were fired. So, especially those involved in corruption, obviously the punishment will be tougher.”

In his speech, Mustafar said by imposing stricter rules in hiring new officers, MACC would enhance the public’s confidence in the organisation.

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