KUALA LUMPUR April 15, 2015:

Answering questions posed by former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to the public will be the best solution for the conflict involving him and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, says Umno veteran Tan Sri Sanusi Junid.

The solution was suggested by the former Umno secretary-general in a three-minute and 52 second video that was uploaded on social media recently.

Throughout the recording, Sanusi said that the government should answer all queries and reveal the answers in an open and transparent manner because this was not only a question that was playing in Dr Mahathir’s mind but was also in the minds of the Malaysian public as well.

“The questions posed by Dr Mahathir are not ones sparked by self interests at all because he is already 90 years old and he knows that his age is advanced.

“Dr Mahathir’s actions now is only to ensure that Umno and BN win in the upcoming general election,” he said.

Sanusi also said that Dr Mahathir’s actions were necessary because he was unlike some parties who only talked behind each others’ backs, seeking faults in the silent as well as collecting evidence of weak leadership.

“Which is why Dr Mahathir has issued many statements and wants to get a convincing answer from Najib at the same time to convince the world.

“The statements were produced because there were too many questions that were not answered well.”

In the video, Sanusi also described how Dr Mahathir, during his days as Prime Minister, had tackled problems to seek the best solution.

“When I was Umno secretary-general before, I had asked Dr Mahathir on how he approached a problem.

“Dr Mahathir responded as a doctor, he will study the disease afflicting the patient and will prescribe the appropriate medicine for him.

“He will prescribe pills if it were the best medicine, if not he will prescribe a sweet cough mixture and if there is none, he will prescribe a bitter one.”

As such, Sanusi said if the disease needed an operation, Dr Mahathir told him that he would perform the surgery using anesthetics so that the patient did not feel pain.

However if there was no anesthetics, he would restrain the patient and continue to operate despite the patient crying out in pain.

The point, Sanusi said, was that Dr Mahathir would not bother as long as he was able to cure the disease.

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