COUNTRY’S number one singer, Datuk Siti Nurhaliza is known to be an artist with a long list of repertoires that are still relevant to her loyal fans as well as the younger generation.

Despite being in the industry for 20 years, Siti is not showing any signs of slowing down. In fact she is still producing new albums year after year. Her old records are constantly in demand in local radio stations.

As a prolific singer who has appeared in countless major scale concerts, Siti never settles for less when it comes to quality of songs and pleasing her fans. She’s always determined in making each of her appearances a memorable one by selecting only the best songs for her fans.

Her perseverance and commitment towards her fans was once again proven at her concert titled Datuk Siti Nurhaliza Unplugged 2015 held at Panggung Sari, Istana Budaya last night.

Siti not only drowned her audience with her powerful vocals, she also proved to them that she is truly in a league of her own by mesmerising the entire crowd with her melodious arrangements.

Kicking off the show with a rendition of Membunuh Benci — with piano rendition by legendary Aubrey Suwito who was also the music director of the night — Siti clearly didn’t spend time warming up but went straight into upbeat numbers like Mahligai Asmara and Satu Cinta Dua Jiwa. Both these songs are rarely performed by Siti at concerts.

“I really wanted to present something special for my fans. So I asked Abang Joe (Istana Budaya Chief Executive Datuk Mohamed Juhari Shaarani), if there were slots available for my concert and learned that April 7 was the only available date.

“Believe it or not, I only had two weeks to prepare myself for this concert,” says Siti adding that yesterday’s concert will continue to build up her portfolio.

The former champion of Bintang HMI 1995 also rendered her first song that was recorded — composed by the renowned Datuk Adnan Abu Hassan — titled Jawapan Di Persimpangan.

Of course the concert is not complete without her evergreen melodies such as Purnama Merindu, Diari Hatimu, Aku Cinta Padamu and Biarlah Rahsia that has a loyal following. These very songs were instrumental in uplifting her popularity.

Siti Nurhaliza interacting with one of her fans during her concert at Istana Budaya on Apr 7. — TRP pic by Siti Syahirah
Siti Nurhaliza interacting with one of her fans during her concert at Istana Budaya on Apr 7. — TRP pic by Siti Syahirah

New artist, Awi Rafael also made an appearance on the stage as Siti belted out Mula & Akhir, composed by Awi. Fans were stifled with emotions as Awi strummed his guitar to accompany Siti for this song.

The 36-year-old singer continued wooing audience as she heated up the night with more upbeat songs like Tanpa Kalian and Intrig Cinta before moving to popular ballads such as Usah Diragui, Wajah Kekasih and Kau Kekasihku.

As announced on her Instagram account last week, Siti then went on to invite award-winning composer and singer, Faizal Tahir to stage to accompany her for two other songs; Aku and Warna Dunia.

As if, she had not treated her fans enough, Siti surprised them by appearing on the stage again with Adnan Hassan to perform Jerat Percintaan and Gelora Asmara accompanied only by the piano.

Other songs that serenaded the crowd include Engkau Bagaikan Permata, Cahaya Seribu Liku and a medley of ballads by an Indonesian composer including Sanubari, Terbaik Bagimu dan Kau Sangat Bererti.

Siti ended the concert with Seluruh Cinta, a duet that she sang with Indonesia singer Cakra Khan.

“I am happy when fans can feel the emotions in the songs that I sing. It just shows that the message got through to them,” she says referring to fans who displayed all sorts of emotions throughout the concert

Overall, Datuk Siti Nurhaliza Unplugged 2015 is a big win for Siti and her fans.

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