KUALA LUMPUR, March 29, 2015:

Subang Jaya deputy police chief Superintendent Tan Ah Chua confirmed that Selangor state assembly speaker Hannah Yeoh’s parents were robbed in their home in USJ 3 this morning.

According to Tan, five unknown masked men broke into the house around 10am, armed with a machete each and stole over RM8,000 cash, jewellery and liquor, among others.

“Five of Yeoh’s family members and their maid were inside the house when the suspects entered into the house through an unlocked side door.

“They instructed the victims to gather in the TV room and tied them up.

“They ransacked the house for around 20 minutes before fleeing with a vehicle that we have yet to identify.”

He added the police received a distress call at 11am from one of the victims who managed to free himself after the suspects left.

There were closed circuit televisions (CCTV) inside the house, but the decoders were taken away by the suspects.

“The house is situated in a guarded neighbourhood, so now we are investigating the guards to find out more about the suspects, such as how did they got into the area in the first place, what car they were driving and how they looked like.

“We have recorded the victims’ statements and have requested assistance from the Selangor police forensic team. We are glad that all the victims are safe,” Tan said to The Rakyat Post when contacted.

Yeoh had earlier informed The Rakyat Post of the incident, saying that her mother, grand aunt, niece and maid were forced to cover their heads with a blanket while the robbery took place.

“It is crime such as this that remains the greatest concern of Malaysians.

“We want to see a safer Malaysia and that requires efficient utilisation of our police resources in combating real crimes.”

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