CAPITAL Punishment’s Roadkill, recorded back in 1982 and which features a very young Stiller on drums, is getting an official vinyl release.

Captured Tracks, the Brooklyn-based indie label with an ear for obscure sounds and cult potential, has confirmed that the album will be available soon.

Although Stiller is now best known as an actor, writer and comedian, one of his first attempts to break into show business was as Capital Punishment’s drummer at the tender age of 15.

In recent months, old tracks featuring Stiller on the drums have leaked online, stoking interest, and his time in the band has started to become a chat show topic of conversation.

On Wednesday, during an interview with Howard Stern, Stiller described the band as “ridiculously weird” while former bassist Peter Swann (now a judge) told the Arizona Republic that after Capital Punishment, he and Stiller turned their attention to rap, forming a group called Sucker MCs.

Watch young Stiller rock the band below:

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