KUALA LUMPUR, March 27, 2015:

Following an incident reported over five Form 1 students at a boys school in Ampang who were told to take off their pants and shirts, Deputy Education Minister P. Kamalanathan said he would “look into it soon”.

When contacted by The Rakyat Post, Kamalanathan said he did not know of the incident and he would need time to come out with a response.

“I will look into the matter, but bear in mind that it is Friday, close to the weekend so I will need some time to get back to you,” said Kamalanathan.

The incident, which took place on Wednesday (March 25,) sparked the anger of the students’ parents, who demanded for action to be taken against the teacher who had given the instruction to their children.

According to one of the parents, who wished to remain anonymous, the reason the students were told to take off their pants and shirts were because they were not wearing sports attire that had the name of the school printed on them.

Due to the incident, a father of one of the students said his son now refused to go to school as he was embarrassed by the incident.

“The action of the discipline teacher is improper, considering the type of punishment imposed on them (students) is clearly far from the ethics of an educator.

“I am disappointed with the teacher. My son and his friends were told to take off their pants, some were told to take of their shirts just because they were not wearing the school’s sports attire.

“I admit my son is at fault, but what made me feel uneasy was why such punishment imposed on them? Some of the five students at that time were not even wearing underwear,” he said when contacted by The Rakyat Post.

He added that he had lodged a report at the Jalan Tun Razak police station and hoped for a follow up from the police, education office as well as the Ministry of Education to ensure that the case received appropriate action.

The Rakyat Post was told that the incident took place around 10am on Wednesday and the boys were told to take off their pants and remain ‘pantless’, wearing only their underwear, until school ended at 3pm.

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