FANS of Malaysian director Dain Iskandar Said can look forward to a new offering from him in the near future.

Screen Daily reported that the director of the critically acclaimed film Bunohan has started shooting a new supernatural thriller called Interchange

The film is the first project to be backed by new slate financing fund Sonneratia Capital, a division of Rhizophora Ventures, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Khazanah Nasional set up to oversee the wealth fund’s investments into creative and media content.

Produced by Dain and Nandita Solomon’s independent film production company Apparat, the movie will star Malaysian actors Iedil Putra (Terbaik Dari Langit) and Shaheizy Sam (Songlap) as well as Indonesia’s Prisia Nasution (The Dancer) and Nicholas Saputra (Postcards From the Zoo).

The story follows forensic photographer Adam who, while investigating a series of macabre ritual murders, is drawn to a femme fatale, Iva, a shaman.

As he delves deeper into her dark world of tribal magic, Adam must choose between being a spectator of death or a participant in life.

According to the Screen Daily article, Sonneratia Capital also plans to provide partial slate financing to Malaysian films with export potential.

It intends to invest in up to four qualifying films from Apparat and is reportedly in talks with other production companies.

Rhizophora Ventures group managing director Michael Lake, who formerly headed Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios, is executive producer on Interchange.

The film was written by Dain, June Tan, Solomon and Redza Minhat, based on an original story by Dain.

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