KUALA LUMPUR, March 24, 2015:

Despite DAP severing ties with Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang, today, the PAS president continues to gain strong support from grassroots and remains a source of the party’s strength.

In claiming so, PAS lawmaker Ahmad Marzuk Shaary, however, admitted that there was a small number of party members who rejected the president’s leadership.

“Yes, there are parties that reject Abdul Hadi’s leadership, but the matter is normal because the party practises democracy,” the Bachok Member of Parliament said in response to DAP’s call to sever ties with Abdul Hadi.

Meanwhile, he reiterated that the party would continue to be with Pakatan Rakyat despite calls for the party to leave the coalition.

Ahmad said the call for PAS to leave was an awkward one and should not have happened as PR partners must respect the difference between each other’s principles.

“Do not make the hudud issue as the cause of a break up, because simply on many other issues, we in Pakatan Rakyat continue to have a common view.” he told reporters.

According to him, hudud was the right of Muslims and non-Muslims were not involved in the syariah law.

“The non-Muslims and those who do not stay in Kelantan have no right to disagree with hudud law because it only includes crimes that occur in Kelantan and specific only to Muslims.

“It is unfair for DAP to disagree because it does not involve them.”

Last week, the Kelantan state legislative assembly passed the Kelantan Syariah Criminal Code II 1993 (Amendment 2015) unanimously without objection from all 45 state assemblymen.

Kelantan PAS’ latest action was roundly criticised by its Pakatan Rakyat’s partners DAP and PKR, both stating that the Islamic party did not respect the agreement with PR over hudud in 2011.

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