KOTA BARU, March 22, 2015 :

“If it wasn’t because of Tok Guru, I wouldn’t be standing here as Chempaka’s new state assemblyman,” said PAS’ Ahmad Fathan Mahmood@Mahamad to over 100 people who had gathered at the compound of the party’s operation centre in Pusat Tarbiah Kelantan here.

Last night was a historic moment for Ahmad Fathan as he, with a landslide victory, was chosen to replace the late Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat as the state assemblyman for Chempaka constituency.

“Sitting in the place once occupied by an incredibly amazing leader like Tok Guru, (Nik Aziz) who was the greatest political leader the country has ever seen is very overwhelming.

“There is nothing for me to be proud of as this win is the result of our leaders’ sweat and tears. Although we won with a big majority, the fact is that the support from the people was already there. I just came and showed my face and commitment to continue what Tok Guru had initiated.

“If it wasn’t for Tok Guru, I will not be here.”

The Chempaka state assembly seat fell vacant following the death of its former occupant, Nik Aziz, who passed away last month.

When asked about his plans now that he was made a state assemblyman, Ahmad Fathan kept quiet before saying that he would first thank God and get some rest before looking into what needed to be done in the near future.

“This is something new for me, it’s a new experience. But right now, I want to say that I am really touched to see the commitments from all levels and I reiterate that what we are doing here is for Islam.

“I am here in this position to complete the party’s fight for Islam. The role models for me to emulate are already there and the closest example is Tok Guru. Pray that I will be able to carry out my responsibilities the best that I can.”

At around 9.30pm yesterday, Election Commission Returning Officer Ibrahim Bakri Mat Deris announced that Ahmad Fathan had defeated his rivals with a majority of 10,092 votes.

The four Independent candidate, Sharif Mahmood managed 807, Fadzillah Hussin obtained 89, Aslah Mamat received 27 and Izat Bukhary Ismail Bukhary only secured 51 votes.

Kelantan Menteri Besar Datuk Ahmad Yakob said the date for Ahmad Fathan to take up his oath as a state assemblyman would be decided later by the Speaker of the state assembly.

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