KUALA LUMPUR, March 19, 2015:

It’s never a surprise to catch a famous person, politicians included, catching a movie once in a while, but it’s a rare sight to see a politician reviewing one.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi was captured doing just that recently at the screening of a local Malay film called Isyarat Cinta (Love Language).

In an interview with entertainment portal Rotikaya recently, he said the movie was an extraordinary one that was directed by film-maker Badaruddin Hj Azmi, or Bade, as he is more commonly known as.

“It is a great film and is extraordinary. It gave a heavy message, actually.

“I want to congratulate Bade and (producer) Rosyam Nor and my friend Datuk Kelvin Tan, who was willing to invest, surely not a small amount, to make the film successful.”

To him, the film was one that showed that Malay movies had quality.

Isyarat Cinta tells of the love between a deaf man and blind girl. It is prevented by a third man who falls in love with the girl.

It stars Adi Putra, Liyana Jasmay and Fizo Omar, and hit cinemas today (March 19).

Bade is famous for movies like Castello, KL Menjerit and Gangster.

The movie also received praises from actress Lisa Surihani, who told Rotikaya that it was no surprise that the movie was a good one as it was directed by Bade, who she described as a “top notch” director.

“There were many moments that touched my heart.

“My peers in the industry are so lucky because they’ve portrayed such roles that I’ve always wanted to try, where we are able to try something far different,” she said.

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