KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 27, 2015:New footage after the downing of Malaysia Airlines (MAS) MH17 has uncovered a grim finding. According to news.com.au, investigators probing the shooting down of the aircraft have uncovered new footage, depicting militiamen going through the wreckage and luggage.

The footage was also said to show them bragging over downing of what they thought had been a military transporter.

The report went on to say that NewsCorp Australia had viewed the 23-minute footage, which was said to have been smuggled out of Ukraine before it reached the hands of the investigators. The person who had shot the video on his smart phone was said to have been filming his colleagues in a state of excitement over what had happened, as they initially thought they had shot down a Ukraine Air force Antonov transporter plane.

One of them had also exclaimed, “this says Australia, it’s Australian” when they were ransacking the luggage and backpacks marked with travel tags belonging to Australian passengers. The news report added that the footage contained graphic images of human remains clearly visible amid smouldering aircraft remnants.

The report said that the mood of the militiamen changed to a more sombre one when they realised what had actually transpired. A transcript was also said to have been produced from the footage.

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