KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 15, 2015:

A family of three was left in a state of shock after finding a 4cm-long live slug in their favourite mango drink.

Banu Jothimalar, who lodged a police report on this at the Batu Sembilan police station here, said her 23-year-old autistic brother, Sankhra Jothi, who is blind in his left eye and suffers from cataract, had now been left traumatised.

“My brother was having lunch when my mother opened a carton of mango juice and poured it into his glass.

“He drank it and found something slimy in his mouth. Spitting it out, we initially thought it was some form of gelatinous sediment.

“But to our horror, we discovered a live slug about 3.5cm in length and 2cm wide,” Banu toldThe Rakyat Post today.

Her brother has since refused to eat following the 1pm incident today.

Sankhra is also complaining of stomach ache, dizziness, headache and nausea.

With a video of the alleged incident having been shared on her Facebook profile, Banu also revealed that the expiry date of the carton stated “Nov 2015”.

Having called the company to complain on this, Banu said the spokesperson of the company was equally left in disbelief.

“He said it was not possible and said he was on his way to our house to see it for himself.”

Banu’s mother had been frequently purchasing cartons of the particular brand for her brother.

She also said that the spokesperson had told her that the juice was shipped from Bangladesh.

“My brother loves mango juice. This carton was purchased by my mother from a grocery store in Cheras Perdana,” she said, voicing her fears that the particular batch could be contaminated.

The supplier of the mango juice’s company co-director went to Banu’s place earlier after receiving her complaint.

He said the specimen would be handed to the company’s chemistry lab.

“So far in my three years of working in the company, this is the first time such an incident has happened and I do not know what sort of animal this is,” the co-director said.

“I am shocked because the carton was sealed with the manufacturing date being ‘Nov 2014’.”

He added that the issue would also be relayed to the company’s head and production unit.

“We would look into this matter and then decide on what to do next,” the co-director added.

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