KUALA LUMPUR,Feb 1, 2015:

A YouTube video of a Rottweiler dog, mourning and tearing following the passing of its brother has become one of the most viral videos of the week.

According to a report by New York’s PIX 11’s news channel website, the owner of both dogs, Brett Bennnett, filmed the nearly two-minute video after seeing his dog Brutus refusing to leave his deceased brother, Hank, and lying on top of his head instead.

As Brutus’ eyes look visibly teary, the dog is seen being comforted by his owner as it rests on Hank’s head.

The video, which was released on Jan 24, has since seen 2.175 million hits, as many dog-lovers offered their sympathies for the grieving animal.

It is learnt Hank had died due to old age on Jan 20.

Bennett, who had adopted the pair from a dog shelter, in his video posting said: “Brutus does not want to leave him and will not budge, lying on top of his head.

“Brutus has never whined or cried out in pain the two years I have had him.

“But clearly you can see in his eyes, he is crying for his brother who had passed as his world around him just crumbled,” Bennett wrote under the video.

He stressed in a message below the video that this was proof that animals do have emotions and feel pain just like humans, adding that the video should be shared and go viral in sending this clear message.

“Normally, I don’t video record my real life catastrophes or share, but decided I needed to send a message to the world and show how much pain my dog was in as he loved his twin so much.”


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