KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 30, 2015:

The Malacca state government’s plan to bar convenience store 7-Eleven from selling alcohol in areas with high Muslim population will result in ethnic segregation, said an MCA senator.

Its Central Committee Member, senator Koh Chin Han said the Chinese-based party “shuddered” at the thought of drawing figurative or real-life ethnic-based perimeters of which would divide neighbourhoods along racial lines.

Such a move, he said in a statement, was unhealthy as it blocks integration among the various ethnicities and the population will end up being restricted to each racial group.

Koh went on to wonder if the state government will include the Terendak army camp when implementing this rule as the majority of military personnel there were Muslims.

“Will the mess hall which serves and sells duty free beer and liquor be shut down, thus severing the rights of non-Muslim soldiers?

“Will the domestic airport be next in the target line since commercial airlines carry with them alcoholic beverages for passengers?” asked Koh who is also the MCA Melaka State Liaison Committee Secretary.

Koh also asked if supermarkets, shopping complexes or hospitals were on the list after the 7-Eleven ban.

He then cited the time a PAS representative mooted a similar suggestion but the proposal was dropped after public outrage as the plan will cause 7-Eleven to reduce Muslim employees.

Koh urged the Malacca state government to rethink the suitability of the alcohol ban proposal in view of job losses and communal separation.

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