KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 26, 2015:

The hackers who took down the Malaysia Airlines (MAS) website this morning — the “Lizard Squad”, are infamous for their attacks against Sony and Microsoft. According to Forbes.com, Lizard Squad wiped out Microsoft’s Xbox Live and Sony’s PlayStation Network over last year’s Christmas season.

Over the last year, they have taken out a wide range of online gaming services, including League of Legends, Call of Duty and Destiny.

Forbes also said that people of interest to Lizard Squad were not exactly high-profile personalities. Gamers still seem to be the focus. According todigitaltrends.com, several arrests had been made between late December and the second week of January in relation to denial-of-service attacks on both Sony and Microsoft by the Lizard Squad.

It also reported about computer security journalist Brian Krebs’s blog post that traces the group’s origins back to 22-year-old Vinnie Omari of the United Kingdom and 16-year-old Julius Kivimäki of Finland.

According totechworm.net, Lizard Squad was alleged to have made a PlayStation 4 jailbreak and was going to release the same to all users in 2015.

Businessinsider.my reported an interview with an alleged member of Lizard Squad, a Finland-based man using the alias Ryan, who said, “the objectives of the hack were mostly to raise awareness — to amuse ourselves… One of the big aspects here was raising awareness regarding the low state of computer security at these companies.

“Because these companies make tens of millions every month from subscriber fees and that does not even include purchases made by their customers. They should have more than enough funding to be able to protect against these attacks.”

Part of the lyrics of the “Hands in the air, Lizard Squad on your forehead” song that played on the background of MAS’s hacked page today goes “Grand Theftin” a Corvette, crash into your screen,DDoS Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam.

“Redirect pages, we took down Destiny, FIFA, Call of Duty, and we grounded John Smedley.

“That’s the recipe, our squad is the nicest, affiliate with ISIS, probably on a no-fly list, f**k a virus, controlled, game over Zeus, Feds took it down, we built one bigger in use,and that’s the truth.”

It is worth noting that the hackers had also included the text “ISIS (the old name for the Islamic State militant group) will prevail” in today’s hack.

There has been no links or clues as of yet why Lizard Squad, who are best known for hacking gaming networks, would target MAS.

These are some of Lizard Squad’s tweets this morning regarding MAS: “Write Lizard Squad on your forehead, thanks. @MAS.”

“Going to dump some loot found onhttp://www.malaysiaairlines.com/servers soon.”

Another curious tweet that was airline related went “Remember when we grounded your plane while holding down PSN worldwide? Good times. @j_smedley”

It was reported on 25 Aug 2014, that Lizard Squad took responsibility for grounding the plane carrying Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley by issuing a bomb threat.

They claimed there were explosives on the American Airlines plane heading from Dallas to San Diego.

The Lizard Squad claimed that the attack was carried out on behalf of the Islamic State in response to US air strikes on jihadists in Iraq.

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