SHAH ALAM, Jan 26, 2015 –

UMW Toyota Motor has appointed Akio Takeyama as its new deputy chairman, replacing Datuk Takashi Hibi. The appointment takes effect from Jan 1, 2015.

His appointment is expected to strengthen UMW Toyota Motor’s current business operation as Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan views Malaysia as one of the most developed and sophisticated market in Asia with a bright future.

“To fit into Datuk Takashi Hibi’s shoes as Deputy Chairman who had gone through many challenges in UMW Toyota Motor’s development for the past 8 years is indeed inspiring and challenging. I am anticipating interesting years ahead of me,” said Takeyama.

With 30 years of working experience in Toyota Motor Corporation, Takeyama possesses an extensive international exposure in automotive business and an affluent knowledge in the global automotive industry.

Having served markets outside Japan like Europe, Africa, Ocenia, Middle East, India including Malaysia, he will be applying his valuable experience to further enhance UMW Toyota Motor’s presence and contribution to the local automotive industry, economy and society.

“With my past working experience in Malaysia as well as other overseas assignments, I am confident that I will continue to steer the company for a stable long term achievements by focusing on three key fundamentals which are customer first where we always strive to give our customers the utmost priority, take quick and proactive response according to the rapidly changing competitive market and instil the spirit of change and challenge in order to prepare ourselves as we move forward to deliver quality products and services,” he added.

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