The Rakyat Post’s photographer Daniel Chan recently visited the Selayang wet market in Kuala Lumpur after receiving complaints from local traders that foreigners were operating illegally there. They said every time enforcement action was taken against these illegal traders, they would return a few days later. The local traders said they had been facing this problem for the past 10 years.

The main concern of the locals was that these foreigners were selling low-quality vegetables at a lower price. Based on further observation, this problem is not only affecting the Selayang wet market but also other major wet markets around Kuala Lumpur.

Some traders are worried that this problem, coupled with the coming Goods and Services Tax (GST), may result in further losses for them.

It is learned that some of these foreigners started off working for local businessmen at the market. Later on, they began to venture out into business on their own.


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