FOUR months ago, Foo Kong Yoon and Meh Siew Gaik were in the dark about their children’s future.

Two out of three of their children were born with glaucoma, which if left untreated can result in permanent blindness.

The Rakyat Post, through readers, managed to get hold of the Foo family and just as soon as they were featured under the company’s social responsibility programme “TRP Cares”, thousands of people began offering financial aid as well as words of encouragement to keep the family going.

Today, the Foo family is seeing the world in different light as strangers came forward to give them hope and strength to face their predicament and future.

For the record, Foo, 37, is the sole breadwinner for his family, but the construction worker doesn’t have a fixed income to manage his children’s medical expenses.

The family of five travels from Batu Gajah, Perak, to Kuala Lumpur by train and taxi every now and then to seek treatment for 8-year-old Jun Sheng and 3-year-old Zi Ying.

Both children are required to go for eye checks regularly to monitor their intraocular pressure (IOP) as an abnormally high IOP requires surgery to stabilise the pressure.

(from left) Foo's three children are smiling as their future seems brighter. — TRP pic by Daniel Chan
(from left) Foo’s three children are smiling as their future seems brighter. — TRP pic by Daniel Chan

Each surgery costs them more than RM600 and they also spend about RM150 on transportation and food every time they travel to Kuala Lumpur.

Although the government subsidises the children’s medical costs, the number of treatments, transport and miscellaneous expenses have taken their toll on the family’s finances.

After the release of the video and article on Oct 12, the couple say that they’ve been receiving countless number of calls offering words of inspiration and hope.

Some called to say they have banked in money into their account for the children’s medical expenses while others offered to come meet them personally from Kuala Lumpur to see how else they could help.

“One stranger came with us to the hospital and spoke to the doctor to learn more about the children’s condition.

“He left shortly after giving us some cash to cover for my daughter’s surgery. It was like a miracle and we really want to thank the stranger for his help,” says Meh.

“Others also call to get advice on dealing with children with glaucoma. So we share our experience in handling the disease and treatment with them.

“Another woman from Kuala Lumpur suggested to me to send Jun Sheng for piano lessons so that he would acquire some music skills. She, in fact, volunteered to sponsor his learning fee every month and promised to buy a digital piano for him.”

Meh said readers from Penang and as far as Sarawak called them to ask if they could help.

“Now, I can confidently say that they don’t have to worry about Jun Sheng’s corneal surgery fee as contributions given so far is enough to cover for it.

“My husband and I are very surprised and overwhelmed. We never thought that this many people will step up to help us, especially since we don’t even know them.

“We want to thank everyone who prayed for us and helped us. We are very humbled by all your kindness.

“I pray that everyone will stay healthy and happy and wish you a very Happy New Year,” says Meh.

Here’s a thank you message from the Foo family:

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