KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 8, 2015:

One of two suspects who sexually assaulted a teenager in a gym was nabbed by police yesterday.

The victim’s relative, who declined to be named, told The Rakyat Post today that the second suspect had yet to be caught.

The arrests follow a police report lodged by the victim over the incident on Jan 6.

Recalling the assault, the victim’s relative said that he was with the victim at Fitness First in Menara Summit, USJ, Subang Jaya, near here, on Jan 6 for their usual workouts.

Once he finished, he saw the victim run out of the changing room red-eyed and in a state of shock.

“He told me two guys assaulted him in the sauna, with one performing oral sex on him.

“As soon as he told me about it, I got angry.

“I went looking for the men and caught one of them.

“I didn’t let him go as I asked him about the incident, but he said he wasn’t even in the sauna.

“I then let him go and he walked off,” he told The Rakyat Post in a phone interview.

When he asked the victim whether he was absolutely sure that the man was one of the two aggressors, the victim confirmed so.

He then gathered three other gym buddies and went searching for this man again.

When they found the suspect at the Watson’s store in the mall and questioned him again, the suspect changed his story and admitted to have being in the sauna.

However, he claimed that it was empty, the relative said.

“He then left and I went back to the gym to wait for another relative to pick us up.

“When she arrived, she related the incident to the gym’s management and scolded them.”

While the management was shocked, the personnel there said they would do what they could, he said.

Fitness First released a statement earlier today on the incident, saying it was taking the matter seriously and was working closely with authorities in the investigation.

It also assured the parties and families involved that it would act in accordance with the law and club rules once investigations were completed and an official conclusion had been reached.

“Fitness First Malaysia urges the public to obtain substantiated information on the matter from authorised sources.”

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