KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 29, 2014:

After a year, beloved four-legged Masha has finally found a home at a hospital in Siberia where the dog has been waiting for her owner who passed away more than a year ago.

The cross-breed, dubbed Russia’s very own “Hachiko” dog, was given permanent residence at the hospital where she now has a spot to call her own.

According to Russia’s RT online news, workers at Novosibirsk District Hospital Number One feed and walk their furry friend, which is also popular among patients there.

“Here all the patients come to her, stroke her and give something tasty, especially the older people. She warms their hearts,” nurse Alla Vorontsova reportedly said.

Masha’s story caught the attention of the Siberian media when she would faithfully appear at the reception of the hospital in Siberia every day for more than a year to wait for her owner.

While her elderly owner was admitted to the hospital, Masha was her owner’s only visitor and would return every day.

Even after her owner passed away, Masha’s visits were frequent, as if she was looking for her owner.

The news agency reported Masha having been adopted several times, but she kept running away and returning to the hospital in search of her owner.

“People in Russia tried to adopt her three times, but she always came back. I also heard that a number of foreigners wanted to adopt her too, but it is impossible – she doesn’t want to leave the hospital.

“And besides, we love her and she loves us. How could she live somewhere far away? She would just pine away,” added Vorontsova.

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