KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 22. 2014:

Questions are being asked as to why local human rights groups and other non-governmental organisations that fight for people’s rights have remained silent over the US CIA Torture Report.

PAS official mouthpiece, Harakahdaily said there seems to be very little outcry from rights groups everywhere, adding that protest notes have yet to be sent to the US embassy over its treatment of detainees purportedly involved in terrorism.

“The United States scolds every other nation on earth for its ‘rights record’ but itself indulges in things far worse.”

Harakahdaily said going through the summarised version, one can only shake one’s head in wonder over the atrocious nature of the “interrogations” carried out by CIA operatives on so-called terrorists.

It added that the so-called terrorists, were denied any access to the justice system.

Journalist Robert Fisk has castigated Washington for inventing terms to describe the horror they meted out on the detainees.

He gave the example of “enhanced interrogation techniques” to describe what is plainly torture in the process of extracting information.

The US is a nation that prides itself as the “democracy” of the world where human dignity is given top priority.

As the report shows, even they cannot stand true to their principles.

Harakahdaily pointed out the report revealed that the US came up with novel forms of torture upon these people detained at secret cells in several countries around the world.

“The CIA torture programme included the use of brutal stress positions, extended sleep deprivation with bright light and loud noise, waterboarding, and shutting detainees inside coffins.

“There was also the use of punitive ‘anal feeding’ or ‘anal rehydration’ and making the detainees suffer extreme pain as forcing those with broken leg bones to stand shackled against a wall.”

The mouthpiece said the report pointed out that medical personnel appeared to be enablers facilitating the whole torture process to the extent of ensuring that the detainees would talk.

It also said that the report revealed the torture tactics did not really add to information that the CIA already had.

“It shows that these Americans are really sick people who would torment others just for their own gratification. Perhaps they wanted to ‘entertain’ themselves.”

Harakahdaily said it was unfortunate that the majority of Americans seem to agree with the use of these “enhanced interrogation techniques” as shown in surveys held recently.

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