KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 13, 2014:

Dubbed “Sidewalk Dentists”, many foreigners are lining up to have their teeth extracted, cleaned and replaced with false teeth in tiny outlets operated by Chinese nationals near Pudu Market.

The Rakyat Post found that the mini outlets along Jalan Pasar were well received due to their prices which were much lower when compared to charges imposed by private dental clinics.

“RM5! It’s cheap and fast!” Nguyen Minh Chau, a 35-year-old Vietnamese national said when approached by The Rakyat Post.

“Their work is good, fast and treatment is cheap, so I don’t mind coming here,”

With just a table filled with the required apparatuses and a stool, the “dentist” gets to work with little regard for the cleanliness of the area.

The “dentist” also has an electric tooth drilling gear to work on customer’s teeth cavities which are filled with a type of powder that is mixed with chemicals.

One stark difference compared to actual dentist is that the ones along Pudu market wear no gloves and use only pipe water to clean their apparatuses.

The same tools are then used to work on other patients without disinfecting them.

Pliers and wires are used to tighten the teeth of the customers, with a glass of water given once the treatment is completed.

The water is then gurgled and spat out by the customers on the sidewalk, staining the pavement with blood.

TRP, however, was unable to interview the “dentist” as the man was unable to communicate in English.

However, based on the chart at his tiny outlet, pulling a tooth and filling only costs RM5 while installing dentures costs RM 20 per tooth.

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