BORN in the Wild is a new reality show, which will follow pregnant women who wish to give birth out in the open.

According to Vamshare, the show was inspired by a YouTube video that went viral and has racked up more than 20 million views and counting.

Needless to say, such an approach to giving birth has attracted plenty of criticism.

Detractors are saying it might give rise to a trend which will endanger both mothers and their babies.

To that, the show’s producers respond that: “We’re taking extreme precautions to make sure the mothers and the babies are safe.

“Our presence at these births is going to make them far safer than if they were doing it on their own.”

According to Vamshare, the reassurance may not go down well with critics, but then the show could always use some extra publicity, be it positive or negative, right?

See: http://www.vamshare.com/reality-show-birth-in-nature/

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