ISLAMABAD, Nov 26, 2014:

A Pakistani man shot dead his teenage niece because she was listening to loud music, police said on Tuesday.

Muhammad Gullistan, 30, found his niece alone at her home on Sunday in Chakwal, 90km southeast of the capital, Islamabad.

Muhammad Gullistan visited the house while her family was away,” said police officer Qaisar Abbas.

“He asked her to turn the music down but she refused and they had an argument. He shot her with a 33-bore pistol.”

Women are murdered every day in Pakistan for perceived slights against conservative social traditions. The crimes are so common, they rarely rate more than a paragraph in newspapers.

According to Pakistani law, a woman’s next of kin can forgive her murderers. Since Pakistani women are often killed by their close relations, the loophole allows thousands of murderers to escape without punishment.

In 2013, 869 cases of so-called “honour killings” were reported in the media, according to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan. The true figure is probably higher since many cases go unreported.

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