KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 26, 2014:

Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin has hit back at those who criticised the policy speech he made this morning.

He was “angry and disappointed” as he had been keeping an eye on social media all day, he said in his winding-up speech at his wing’s general meeting,

“My speech was said to be racist. They said our general meeting was racist,” said Khairy, singling out Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

The Rembau Member of Parliament said Lim had labelled him a racist for telling people not to challenge the rights of Malays.

There were people, Khairy said, who responded that no one had challenged Malay rights and accused Umno of being afraid of its own shadows.

“They said this was just Umno’s way of gathering support.

“I ask you if it is true that no one wants to challenge Malay rights.”

He then a read post on Twitter disparaging Kuala Lumpur City Hall’s intention to change names of roads in the city to the names of Malay rulers.

The Twitter user had written: “What are the contributions of the sultans until a road must be named after them? At least Karpal Singh contributed to the country.”

Karpal was the former DAP chairman who was killed earlier in a road accident

Khairy wondered why there was a need to make a big deal about the name change.

“In Penang, there is a road named after Karpal Singh. No one challenged that,” he countered.

He also alluded to Hindraf’s P. Waytha Moorthy’s comments on his speech in which Khairy had called on people to look after the social contract in Malaysia.

Waytha Moorty had stated that he did not agree with any social contract as he “did not sign any social contract”.

Khairy explained that some people had their own agendas and had ignored the fact that he had called for vernacular schools to be maintained and for all races to be respected.

The Youth and Sports Minister stressed that there were some people who said that although the rejuvenation of the party was important, Umno Youth was still not ready.

“This is like the chicken and egg. If the party does not trust and give chances, there will be no experience. If no space is given to lead, we cannot become leaders.”

Khairy said Umno Youth was not seeking posts for its leaders, but was asking for posts so that they could work on the Malay agenda.

Umno, he felt, would become obsolete if youth members were not given posts.

At the same time, he said members had to prove that they deserved to hold leadership positions and announced a plan to increase membership.

“The Youth division with the most additional members will get more ‘bullets’,” said Khairy, co-opting a term used by one of the delegates to refer to resources.

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