POPULAR South Indian actor Riyaz Khan is set to host a local Indian reality show — Vallavar 2014 — that will push participants to their breaking points, physically and mentally.

Muscle man Riyaz will also be the ambassador of Vallavar 2014, feeding the “tough guy” look to the show while persuading contestants to break their barriers and move forward.

The show is aimed at identifying fit individuals who can withstand physical and mental challenges thrown at them to win the title of Vallavar, a Tamil word that describes a capable, strong, all-rounder.

Twelve contestants — chosen after a series of endurance tests— will compete with each other on various platforms, including tough physical challenges such as running up the steep Batu Caves steps with a gunny of 40 coconuts; outrunning trained guard dogs and pulling a four-wheel drive for a few hundred metres.

Challenges will also test their mental capacity in solving problems, overcoming fear, mental blocks and weaknesses for the next six weeks.

Contestant that display an excellent mental and physical resilience, adaptability and flexibility will be crowned as the champion for this season.

The show is in its second season, but the first season, however, was limited to local celebrities which makes this the official open season.

Vallavar has successfully established itself and emerged as another one of our signature shows in its second year.

“This is a unique genre, even for fans in India as there are no home-grown reality shows that truly test the limits of an individual prior to this,” says Astro’s director of content group, Dr Rajamani Chellamuthu.

Vallavar 2014 will be telecast on Asia’s first Indian HD Channel Vinmeen HD every Sunday at 8.30pm.

The grand finals will be on Dec 28 and the champion will take home a cash prize of RM25,000 and RM10,000 worth of other giveaways.

The1st and 2nd runners-up get RM15,000 and RM10,000 cash prize, respectively, while the 3rd runner-up gets RM7,000 cash.

There will be an elimination round each week and eliminated contestants will also be rewarded with cash prizes accordingly.

A weekly winner — contestants with the highest point for the week—will be awarded with a SAMSUNG S5 each.

Details on the show is available on www.astroulagam.com. my/vallavar

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