The 8th Generation of the Volkswagen Passat was recently unveiled in Europe and debuted at last month’s Paris Motor Show.

Besides the successes of the company’s Beetle and Golf brand names, the Passat has carved out a niche for itself as being a value for money package.

In Malaysia, the Passat has, since it was launched in 2011, became a very interesting option alongside the Toyota Camry, Nissan Teana and Honda Accord, besides other European options such as the Peugeot 508 and Ford Mondeo, among others.

Let’s look at the new Passat in facts. Volkswagen Group Malaysia is expected to launch this car here early next year.

For one, the new car is up to 85 kg lighter than the previous model. All offered engines are new to the model range; they have been made up to 20 per cent more fuel efficient. If Malaysia does get the diesel version, the Passat’s new four- cylinder TDI motor delivers a powerful 240 PS of power and has kept fuel consumption to some 5.3 litres per 100 km.

Sometime next year, the Passat will be offered as the Passat GTE with a plug-in hybrid drive, pumping out 218 PS. However, nothing much has been said about the car’s TSI engines or its DSG gearbox although it is rumoured that they would be updated units. This is timely as complaints of the DSG especially has been mounting not only in Malaysia, but throughout other markets as well. Having said that, the Passat will have several additions to its list of equipment, including LED headlights as standard, City Emergency Braking function with Pedestrian Monitoring, Trailer Assist,Traffic Assist and Emergency Assist.

The new Passat will also be the the first Volkswagen with an Active Info and head-up displays.

And since its introduction in 1973, some 22 million vehicles have been sold.

Der neue Volkswagen PassatDer neue Volkswagen PassatDer neue Volkswagen Passat und Passat VariantDer neue Volkswagen Passat und Passat VariantDer neue Volkswagen Passat und Passat Variant

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