KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 28, 2014:The repeated arrest and detention of Ali Abd Jalil is a blatant example of the gross abuse of power by the police and the Attorney-General’s (AG) Chambers, claimed Lawyers for Liberty (LFL) today.

LFL went on to claim that this was an example of politically motivated charges.

It was reported earlier that Ali, 29, was initially charged in Selayang and Shah Alam for three sedition offences and he now faces further remand and charges in Johor Baru.

LFL alleged in statement today that the multiple remands had been done in bad faith to punish Ali rather than any bona fide attempt at investigation.

It also questioned why Ali should be repeatedly remanded all over the country when the comments he had allegedly made were on Facebook and could be accessed anywhere and be investigated simultaneously.

The organisation also claimed that it was shocking and unacceptable that the judiciary had been reluctant to stop these abuses.

It called on the police to apprehend real criminals and prevent crimes rather than be concerned with political offences.

“The police should go back to basics in addressing crime and not frivolous matters like Facebook postings.”

Ali was charged in the Selayang Sessions Court on Sept 8 with sedition for allegedly insulting the Johor royal house on Facebook.

He was rearrested after posting bail of RM5,000 and taken to the Shah Alam Sessions Court.

On the same day Ali was charged with two counts of sedition for allegedly insulting the Selangor Sultan and for undermining the royal institution.

He refused to be bailed and choose to stay in jail until Sept 23.

On the day Ali was released on RM8,000 bail, he was rearrested and taken from Shah Alam to Johor Baru.

Ali was taken to the Johor Baru magistrate’s court last Friday to be set free at the end of the extended remand period following his third arrest on Tuesday.

After his release, he was immediately rearrested and taken to the magistrate’s court for obtaining a remand.

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