INFLUENTIAL MAS Employees Union (Maseu) secretary-general Abdul Malek Ariff said those in the top management had presided over huge losses over several years and they should step down.

Some members of the top management had no idea how to run an airline, so there was no way they could make MAS profitable.

MAS never really had problems with its aircraft turning back for 33 years, but all of a sudden there were several incidents.

Abdul Malek said this indicated that there could be a problem with the people in charge in MAS because they may not know how the airline operates.

“There are people at the top of the airline which the union feels should not be there because they lack the necessary experience.”

The National Union of Flight Attendants Malaysia (Nufam) shared similar sentiments, saying the top MAS leadership should leave immediately.

Its president, Ismail Nasaruddin, said this was because they had enough time to turn around the airline, but had failed to do so.

“The signs are very clear that they have not responded well enough to the troubles plaguing MAS.”

For the airline to be successful, there must be two-way communication between the top leadership and the unions that represented the workers.

Ismail said this had not happened with the current MAS leadership.

The people at the top needed to work directly with those at the lower levels, who currently felt they had been neglected and this was a failure in leadership.

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