KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 8, 2014:

The Sunhas apologised to Home Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi for quoting him as having said, “Non-Malays are arrogant”.

The local English daily issued an apology on page two of today’s edition, saying, “the line was wrongly attributed to Zahid and in fact was made by another Umno leader at the opening of the Segambut Umno meeting”.

The Rakyat Postwhich also covered that Umno meeting had attributed a similar line to Segambut Umno divisional chief Kamaruddin Ambok.

Kamaruddin had said non-bumiputras were“biadap dan kurang ajar(disrespectful and rude)” especially on social media lately.

“On social media, people now are daring enough to insult Malays, Islam, our leaders and even the royalty,” he was reported to have said.

The Sun’sapology came after many news portals and political leaders expressed outrage over the alleged minister’s remark.

“We regret the inadvertent error and wish to apologise to the minister for any embarrassment arising from our report.

“We hereby retract the inaccurate report and have as of yesterday (Sept 7) removed it from our website.”

The apology also came after the minister denied saying the line and offered the chance for the reporter to apologise and retract the report or he would “know what to do”.

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