MUMBAI, Sept 8, 2014:

The South Indian film industry has been delivering some of the finest work of art for many decades now.

However, over the last few days, the Southern cine world has been shell shocked with the ugly underbelly of the tinsel town making its way to the headlines, according to a report inBollywoodlife.com.

AfterShweta Basu Prasad‘s arrest for involvement in a prostitution scandal, another actress from the South has hit the headlines for the wrong reasons.

Tamil andKannada filmactress Shruti Chandralekha and five of her aides have been arrested by the police for murdering her husband.

After committing the crime, the actress was absconding for months before the long arm of the law finally caught hold of her.

Shruti revealed that her hubby, S. Ronald Peter Prinzo, compelled her to star in porn films, which forced her to take drastic measures.

The actress teamed up with his hubby’s ex-business partners, who had incurred huge losses because of him and plotted the murder.

Shruti claimed that her husband was facing huge financial crisis and forced her to work in adult films to bail himself out of the money crunch.

According to the report inBollywoodlife.com.police discovered from her call records about her constant touch with a man named Ramesh in Bangalore.

“We picked up Ramesh and asked him to talk to her as tutored by us. He asked her to come and pick him up from the bus terminus. When she came there, we nabbed her,” one of the sub-inspectors said.

While it is a unstated truth that there is an dark side to the colourful, glittering world of glamour and fame, one feels sorry for the upcoming divas who are often pushed to the edge, leaving them no choice, but to take up the road of crime.



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