The latest Forbes magazine annual “Asia’s Best Under A Billion” list has 10 Malaysian firms out of the 200 highlighted as being the “top-performing Asia Pacific companies with less than US$1 billion (RM3.2 billion) in sales and consistent top- and bottom-line gains”.

Making the list this year are Boilermech Holdings Bhd, Dayang Enterprise Holdings Bhd, Elsoft Research Sdn Bhd, George Kent (Malaysia) Bhd, Inari Amertron Bhd, KSL Holdings Bhd, Land & General Bhd, Matrix Concepts Holdings Bhd, Prestariang Bhd and Sentoria Group Bhd.

In its upcoming article, Forbes said: “China maintains its reign on our list, where in manufacturing, it counts on SMEs for 60% of its gross domestic product and 80% of its employment. The mainland and Hong Kong set of companies total 85, the most ever.”

To come up with the list, the magazine had screened 17,000 publicly traded companies in the Asia Pacific region.

“Roughly 885 with revenues between US$5 million and US$1 billion passed our criteria for profitability, growth, and modest indebtedness.

“The resulting 200 are un-ranked but comparatively produced the highest sales and earnings per share growth for both the most recent fiscal one and three-year periods, and the strongest five-year average return on equity.”

The magazine added: “Their stories support the policies of governments across the region focused on promoting the small- and medium-sized enterprise sector to boost economic growth.

“Combined, these 200 SMEs generated US$42 billion in sales last year, grew an average 46% the last three years and employ over 255,000 people.”

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