Unlike policemen, firemen or soldiers, their calling escapes the public glare.

Nevertheless, wildlife rangers are unsung heroes whose tireless efforts keep Malaysia’s forests, animals and the people safe.

Many are unaware that the sacrifices of the rangers entail manning guard-posts for a week in the jungles, without any access to electricity and communication.

But such conditions have not deterred forest ranger Norazley Nordin, 29, whose duties revolve around the guard-posts in Pantai Kerachut and Teluk Kampi at the Penang National Park

An eight-year veteran, he does not mind doing guard-post duties as his interest and experience lie in jungle activities.

“I actually like jungle activities. When I was first assigned to guard-post duty, it did feel somewhat lonely.

“But I got used to the loneliness. But then again, one is not really alone as I have another guard with me,” he told Bernama in a recent interview.

Norazley said wildlife rangers were assigned guard duties once or twice a month.

Hailing from Tenom, Sabah, he said this year was the third time he had to work during the Hari Raya Aidilfitri holidays, although he found it “normal” to do so.

Fortunately, his family does not mind as they understand the situation.

Ahmad Yusri Che Mat, 22, who is working for the first time during this Hari Raya, said he was fortunate there were others willing to switch guard-post duty with him.

“I am doing counter duty for five days from the first day of Hari Raya and this enables me to get back home in the evenings.

“Otherwise, I will miss being home,” he told the national news agency.

At least, 15 wildlife rangers are on duty in Penang during this Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

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